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pattern: Reichenbach Taste White

item: Deep Plate 22 cm

design: Paola Navone

material: Porcelain

diameter: 22 cm, 8.7 in


Reichenbach porcelain manufacturer was founded in 1900 and is now a traditional porcelain factory in which old craftsmanship meets modern design. The products are developed in collaboration with renowned designers and made from high-quality raw materials with a high percentage of craftsmanship.

The Taste series was designed by Italian designer Paola Navone and is particularly suitable for catering because of its special design. The new interpretation of baroque shapes with the simplicity of Biedermeier provides the perfect canvas for à la carte creations. The delicate beaded edge decorates and underlines the shapes only subtly.

Made in Germany

TASTE Round Deep Plate 22cm

SKU: 700102
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