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Dimension: 8.5"H

Material: Stainless steel(18-10), polycarbonate  


- Before use, be sure to remove the abrasive and wash it before use.

- When washing, use a soft scrubber to wash.

- Due to the manufacturing process, there may be dents and fine scratches.

- The handle part may leave traces of pigment flow while melting and injecting at a high temperature of 464°F. This is not a defect, so please be aware of it when purchasing.

- Hand wash recommended 



  • 18-10 Stainless contains 18% of chromium and 10% Nickel. These to numbers, 18 and 10, refer to the chromium and nickel content, which gives flatware its rust-resistance and silver-like shine properties. 18-10 stainless steel provides the highest amount of nickel producing the greatest resistance to rust and longest held polish. 18-10 stainless steel is harmless to human, easy to clean, and strong to heat.

  • Polycarbonate also has very good heat resistance and can be combined with flame retardant materials without significant material degradation. Polycarbonate plastics have really a high value for anyone to use, and polycarbonate plastic is moldable, durable, lightweight, and flame resistant.

Santier Dinner Fork

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