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Make the coffee twice as tasty with this cup with saucer. The PILAR coffee cup and saucer has what it takes to become a favorite accessory for coffee lovers. Beautifully shaped yet humble enough to act as a discreet backdrop to the perfectly arranged meal. The PILAR tableware collection was designed by Floz Design in Germany.


  • Made of stoneware
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Cup is 3-3/16" diameter excluding handle x 2-3/16" height
  • Saucer is 5-11/16" diameter


PILAR stoneware is manufactured from clay, quartz and minerals such as calcite and is defined as a ceramic product. The stoneware is molded at very high temperatures using casting techniques. The high temperatures during the firing process make stoneware more stable than clay and less translucent than porcelain.

Due to the heating and glazing processes of stoneware, these pieces may have slightly different attributes which can add to their beauty and uniqueness.

Pilar Coffee Cup With Saucer

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