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Brand : Chabatree
Weight : 0.4 oz
Dimension W 1.3 x 3.2 L x 0.8 H in
Material : Plantation Teak wood


Small tea server spoon, you are crafted with quality, balance and usefulness in mind. Made from plantation wood and left in its natural state with no chemical treatment done.

It is a small tea spoon made carefully in teak plantations. Not only tea leaves, it is cute even if you leave put directly into a glass jar, such as seasoning.


Care instruction:
occasionally food grade oil rub to keep the wood looking gorgeous. Clean with a damp cloth or mild soap. 
Not suitable for the dishwasher


How to Care:

After use hand washing, please let dry naturally. Especially if the drying is anxious, when applied to impregnated edible oil, etc. in your home to a soft cloth, it will keep the beautiful bark. Please avoid placing dipped in water. The dishwasher cannot be used.

Lotus Tea Server

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