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Material : White Porcelain

Made In Korea

Handwash Recomend



Mammoth: 4" x 2.1"   

Overcooked Brioche: 4"x2"

Worm: 4" x 2.5"

Jelly Fish: 3.6: x 2.2" 

Moss: 3.2: x3" 

Red Bean: 2.8"x2.1"

White Soked Soap: 3.2"x1.9"

Pebble: 4" x1.4"

Bug: 3.4"x1.8"   

Peanut: 4"x1.6"

Mountain: 4"x1.6"     

Cloud: 3.7" x 2"                                 

Grass: 3.8"x2"







Lazy Bug Spoon Rest

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