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The Sferico glass by Karakter belongs to a glassware collection designed by Joe Colombo in 1968.

Joe Colombo believed in democratic and functional design. In his lifetime he designed a wide range of different drinking glasses. Something that seems very to the point as he was said to love drinking and smoking. Unfortunately this undoubtedly contributed to his young demise, but we’d like to think he would be pleased to see that his creations live on.


In 1968 he designed a series of six glasses, all based on geometrical figures. True to his democratic and functional take on design, all the glasses were intended for a wide range of different usage—such as water, long drinks, whisky, wine, beer, juice, champagne, ice cream and so on.

Karakter is proud to bring some of the very finest glasses to your table and will introduce the six different Joe Colombo glasses.


Sculptural mouth-blown glass.

Dish washer safe.

Made in China


  • Style 1, 2, 4: 2.8 in Dia x 5.5 in H
  • Style 3: 3.1 in Dia x 5.5 in H
  • Style 5: 4.3 in Dia x 2.8 in H
  • Style 6: 3 in Dia x 3.9 in H

Karakter Sferico Glass

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