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Customize a happy display for your earrings, chains, or beauty products with this all-adjustable solution. The vertical design keeps things compact, while the many hooks and ridges provide ample and tangle-free hanging space for your favorite bits and baubles.

Adjust shelf height with the many slots for bulkier accessories like frames or claw clips to make the most of your space.



  • Designed to hold longer earrings, necklaces, bracelets, eyeglasses, or watches.
  • Comes with three dividers that can clip into place anywhere along the back.
  • Product features - Adjustable Tiers


  • ABS Resin, Polycarbonate


  • L 3 x W 4.7 x H 9.8 inches


Designed in Japan

Made in China

Jewelry & Makeup Organizer - Angeled Tray

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