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Handmade: This vase is handmade out of durable earthenware. No two pieces are alike and may contain manual process marks. Limited production Quality: Made in Portugal in small batches. Packaging: We use individual recyclable cardboard boxes and paper tape to protect each product. We say no to plastic! Sustainable: Handmade requires less energy and natural resources, which results in significantly lower carbon footprints.


Home Decor: This contemporary and minimalist vase is waterproof and allows you to put in freshly-cut flowers, dry flowers or you can use it without adding anything Care instructions: For a better cleaning we recommend that you use a soft cloth adding a small amount of water, if necessary, and gently wipe over it. Whenever the piece is not displayed, we recommend keeping it in its original packaging to avoid damage in storage.


Color: Brown

Size: 25cm h / 9.8in
Made in Portugal

Dune Vase - 45

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