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Our 4 oz reed diffusers come in a beautiful vessel that efficiently distributes fragrance over a long period of time. Just set it and forget it for long-lasting, flameless fragrance.


Place reeds in glass bottle and enjoy up to 4 months of flame-free fragrance. Flip reeds as needed for a fragrance boost!


*Avoid eye contact.



Saguaro Cactus Reed Diffuser

Agave | Aloe | Moss

Walking into a florist shop to the aroma of fresh-cut flowers, stem trimmings, and botanical-soaked water. Fresh agave & aloe combine with earthy moss to create this natural and untamed scent.


Sea Salt Surf Reed Diffuser

Wood | Cream | Jasmine

Strolling along the beach on a crisp morning, sea salt kissing the wind. Flowery jasmine followed by sweet cream blends with beachy driftwood in this fresh, yet alluring scent.


Apricot Bloom Reed Diffuser

Apricot | Pear | Jasmine

Exploring a garden in the sweet heat of summertime with a pleasant breeze whispering through the leaves. Juicy apricot, sweet pear, and blooming jasmine assemble in this sweet, yet delicate scent.


Broken Top Reed Diffuser

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