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As with the Bon Appetit Small Serving Pots with Acacia Wood Tray, good things come in threes! Whether sweet, salty, spicy, or all three, when it is made with love, it tastes three times as delicious. Set consists of three handcrafted porcelain bowls and spoons on an acacia wood tray. Dish sizes are perfect for sauces, condiments or toppings. Each dish capacity is 50ml / 1.7 fl oz. Bon Appetit - Enjoy your meal!


  • Dimensions: 8.5x2.8x2in / 21.5x7x5cm.
  • Materials: porcelain, acacia wood.

Most Räder items are handcrafted or partially handmade in small-batch production. Despite great care, slight deviations in material, shape and color may therefore occur.


We recommend that porcelain items are hand washed using non-abrasive cloths and mild cleaners.

Räder wood items or items which feature wood detail should always be hand washed and

thoroughly dried. Submersion of wood items in water should be avoided or very brief.

Wood kitchen products may benefit from oiling with a natural oil such as sunflower oil, olive oil or walnut oil. Please see individual product instructions upon receipt of the item for further details.

Bon Appetit Small Serving Pots w/ Acacia Tray

SKU: R15691
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