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Better Finger Cast Aluminum Grill Oval Shaped 10"

• Made in Korea

• Works with all heat sources: Induction(ih),gas, electric, hogen (*microwave, oven excluded)

• Depandeing on the induction manufacturing model and crater size, some induction devices may not work.

• Unique design

• Trendy kitchen interior.

• Healthy ceramic coating that is harmless to human body.

Precausions for cookware user

• When using for the first time, wash it throughly in lukewarm water with a mild detergent.

• Before cooking, apply a thin layer of oil to the pan for seasoning.

• Use silicone or wooden cooking utensils.

• When using induction, avoid excessive friction on the top plate to prevent scrating the surface.

• We recommend using a silicone pad to prevent induction scratches.

• It is a product with high termal efficiency and it is recommended to use it under medium heat.

• Please refrain from using a microwave oven.

• Please use silicone and kitchen gloves when holding the pot handle to prevent burns.

• When using oil, do not overheat it or add large amount of ingredients.

• Do not heat an empty product as it shortens the produt life and may cause a fire.

• Do not store food in a cooking container other than a storage container for a long


• To avoid damaging the coating, please refrain from using a dishwasher or strong alkaline detergent.

• Be careful not to slip the product on the stove top when cooking.

• Be careful that coating may ne damaged if immersed in water or washed immediately after cooking.

• When cleaning, use a scrubber dedicated to the coating container.

• Use a soft sponge and neutral detergent instead of a rough scrubber.

• When storing, wash it throughly and tap dry before stroing.

• To avoid danger, keep out of reach of children.

Better Finger Oval Grillpan 10"

SKU: 8806179666694
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