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quire paper towel holder dispenses paper towels with ease, its tear bar assisting in precise dispensing. It has a built-in handle at the top which lends to its transportability around the house. This compact design measures 6 ½ dia. x 12 ¾” (16.5 dia. x 32 cm) so it won’t take up too much space on your table or countertop, but will still make an impact. Squire is made of bent metal and comes in black.

  • Modern, Graphic Look: This paper towel holder’s continuous square wire creates a modern and eye-catching look
  • Tear Bar: A built-in tear bar for easy dispensing of paper towel
  • Elegant Material And Finish: Squire’s bent metal has the look of cast iron
  • Built-In Handle: Squire has a built-in handle at the top for easy portability. the holder is compact, measuring 6 ½ dia. x 12 ¾″

Squire Paper Towel Holder

SKU: UM055
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