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Moon spice dish made from teak wood. Natural wood color which can fit with all kind of your tableware and make your dinner more special with a natural piece. Made from teak wood and natural oil finished to let you enjoy everyday dinner or tea time with no chemical harm.


Care instruction: 

Wash with warm soapy water, but never leave to soak. 
Not dishwasher safe. 
Rup with olive oil time to keep to condition the wood.

Weight : 1.4 oz
Dimension : W 9.00 x L 9.00 x H 2.00 cm. 



Weight : 2.2 oz
Dimension : W 12.50 x L 12.50 x H 2.00 cm. 


Weight : 3.4 0z
Dimension : W 15.00 x L 15.00 x H 2.00 cm. 



Moon Dish - Teak

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