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The Pebbly toast tongs are a must-have for lovers of toasted bread in the morning. This utensil accompanies you every day avoiding any burns. Aesthetic and practical, it will become an essential ally for your breakfasts. 


Size: 24cm / 9.5 inch


The Pebbly Toast Tong is made from bamboo, making it a stylish presentation item. The bamboo used for the Pebbly toast tongs comes from the Fujian region near the bamboo forests in eastern China. The raw material is shaped by hand which makes each product a unique object. Bamboo benefits from several advantages which are useful in the kitchen. This plant is resistant and not very porous, so it does not absorb moisture allowing it a sustainable use. In addition, bamboo has great environmental qualities because it is a grass requiring little watering. which can be harvested several times a year. By choosing the Pebbly toast tongs, you are indulging yourself while doing something for the planet !

Magnetic Toast Tong - Pop

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